HVAC contractor putting me off

I am having such a bad weeks right now. First of all, my step-son got suspended from high-school because he thought it was super funny to pull a prank on his math tutor by putting a snake inside their drawer. Then, I am told that my job is cutting my hours in half. So, now troubled step-son is at home for three days, and I am not making the money I need for bills. To make matters worse, if that’s possible, my heating system just crapped out on me. I have virtually no idea why this happened as I am conscientious about its repairs! It was running just fine, and then BAM, I heard a horrid noise and it just stopped. I had the furnace maintenanced not too long ago too, as I am on top of that. I am typically really good about expensive stuff like that because as a single mother all my dollars count.  I can’t really afford to switch things out when they break. Now, I have an additional issue as I just had an HVAC technician come out to the house to assess my heating system. He said he just had to replace a couple parts, but he didn’t show me which ones and I forgot to ask. While he said he would goto the store and do it tomorrow morning, it would cost about $300 for parts. It’s not cheap, but it’s significantly then I predicted, so that wass good.. Unfortunately, the next morning came and went with no HVAC technician arriving and not even answering his cell phone as well! It’s getting quite cold in our house as my step-son is complaining incessantly of the cold If the HVAC technician doesn’t come today, I am probably going to enjoy a bit of a breakdown. I think it’s about time I start going to this free meditation class people keep telling me about to calm down. Perhaps I should force my step-son to go with me as punishment since he’s making worse.

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