HVAC at my neighbor’s house

My neighbor Billy recently hosted a dinner party at his house. Billy really loves to impress people with the gadgets and gizmos he collects, so of course he made sure to point each and every new gadget out to every single guest as they came through the door. I was lucky enough to witness the unveiling of Billy’s brand new smart thermostat. He was very content to show off this smart thermostat three or four times to a variety of different people at the party, so I ended up learning quite a bit about its fancy features. Billy went ahead and invested in the most expensive smart thermostat available on the market today, and does it ever have bells and whistles! This smart thermostat automatically tracks and compiles heating and cooling data. Combined with the heating and cooling preferences that Billy programs into it, the smart thermostat can automatically control the HVAC in the house without any sort of human adjustment whatsoever. Billy made sure to inform all of his guests that the smart thermostat has saved him a great deal of money so far with regard to his heating and cooling costs. Apparently, since the thermostat tracks various heating and cooling settings, the automatic adjustments that it makes ensure that the HVAC system is only running at its most energy efficient level. Ultimately, I thought that Billy’s new smart thermostat was cool, but a little too spiffy for my tastes. I am sure that there are plenty of other smart thermostats out there that do essentially the same thing, but with less flash and less of a price tag!

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