HVAC and your bills

Have you ever lived in a trailer park? You know the type, small lots with mobile homes crammed together.  When we were newly married, my husband thought a mobile home was the best idea on earth. He liked the idea of not having a huge yard to care for and the price was affordable for the trailer itself. I hated the mobile home for many reasons.  First, we had such close neighbors that we had no privacy.  This was followed closely by the fact that the place seemed to be falling apart right after we purchased it.  Mobile homes are not built the same as conventional ones and I think the sacrifice quality for aesthetics. Everything looks shiny and new but it is just an illusion. The worst part of all was the air conditioning system. It could never hold the temperature settings. We live with the south and it gets really super hot here. I don’t know if it’s lack of insulation or what, but no matter how hard my HVAC system worked, it was never cool inside our home.  The constant drone of the HVAC unit reminded me hourly how much we were spending on energy each month.  Don’t get me wrong, the unit was working as far as emitting cold air, it just wasn’t able to keep up because the cool air would just escape the seams of the house.  Even the dog was miserable.  At least we weren’t alone in or struggles, the air conditioner at the neighbors’ houses had the same issues. The outdoor noise level was far from relaxing.  After a few years, we were able to save enough to purchase a framed house and life if much nicer.  We finally have a place where we can relax and enjoy the cool air and save money on utilities too.

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