Husband’s new job

My husband is starting a new job on Monday. For years, he has worked in an office, and I am pretty sure that he has hated every single second of it. He hated feeling stuck all day, and he hated being involved in the corporate world. He finally decided to make a change when his company insisted that he wear a headset every day, essentially downgrading him from an account manager to a customer service representative. He turned in his two weeks’ notice, and began job hunting in earnest. He quickly found a job working for an HVAC company as an HVAC installer and HVAC contractor. I was worried at first. His previous job had excellent pay, time off, and benefits. How was this new HVAC company going to measure up? My husband insisted, though, that everything was actually better at the new company! After that reassurance, I was excited. I wanted him to have a job that he actually enjoys, and if he can get that, along with good pay and benefits, that would be perfect! At the HVAC company, he will have a company truck, and he will travel to people’s homes to install new HVAC units and equipment. After he has been thoroughly trained on that, he will move on to troubleshooting air conditioning units, heaters, boilers, heated floors, heat pumps, and even space heaters! This is the part that he is most excited about because he really enjoys fixing things. I really hope that everything goes well, and that this new job will be everything that he hopes it will be.

HVAC professional