Husband gone-AC off for the week

I look forward to having the house to myself. Every year my husband goes on a motorcycle trip with a few of his buddies. For a week I have the home all to me. I get to steam clean the rugs, wash all the sheets and watch any movie I want at night. I also don’t have to worry about making meals or making myself look presentable. It really is a sweet life for that week. What I also get to do is I have total temperature control. My husband loves to have the air conditioning. Constantly the cooling system is on. In the Winter I never get to use the heater since he is sot hot all of the time. In the Summer I just get pounded by A/C. It is super annoying being cold all of the time. We investing in HVAC zone control but that really has not helped matters out. So for that week I turn off the air conditioning completely. If it is even slightly chilly out, the heater comes on. I figure I might as well give the heater something to do. I also refuse to sacrifice comfort. The thermostat is mine to control for once. I decided how much heating and refuse to use the air conditioning. It really is such a blissful week for me. Perhaps this year when my husband leaves something can mysteriously happen to his air conditioning unit. Maybe it got damaged or won’t turn on anymore. I literally am desperate not to have that much AC going on.

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