Hurricane Aftermath and Air Conditioning

Our hometown just survived a major hurricane. It was supposed to be the worst storm we have ever seen in the history of our country! Fortunately, it wasn’t even close to as bad as they said it would be. We did, however, suffer a lot of damage to our homes. The most noticeable damage was done to our HVAC system. Our power went out during the storm, so when it came back on the first thing we did was try to turn on the air conditioner. All of the humidity from the storm made it unbelievably hot! That was when we found out the air conditioner was broken. No matter what we tried, the cooling system just would not work. We tried calling a local HVAC business, but unfortunately the waiting list was tremendously long. The HVAC business had to take care of its preferred customers first. The HVAC business had a large group of customers that paid a yearly fee to get on their preferred customer plan. This assured them, that in the case of an HVAC system emergency, that they would get served first. I couldn’t argue with this logic, I just wish I had purchased an HVAC system maintenance plan for my family. Now we would most likely have to wait until all the preferred heating and cooling system customers were taken care of before they could get to us. I finally remembered that my cousin used to be an HVAC technician. I called him up to see if he would be willing to help. He thankfully agreed. He drove two hours just to come fix our air conditioner. I was so grateful. I was definitely going to purchase an HVAC system maintenance plan as soon as the chaos died down though!

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