Humidifier information

My wife is always planning a way to get me to use moisturizer during the winter. Sure, my skin gets very dry and itchy during colder months, but moisturizer just feels too female to me to use. I know these people even make moisturizer for gentlemen, but I can’t bring myself to purchase it. I was talking to my brother about my disdain for lotion, and he completely agreed. He hates all that female stuff, as well. But he did have some useful insight for me. He laughed and said that he had only weeks before installed a humidifier into his HVAC system, not knowing that it would fix his itchy, dry up winter skin. He said of this fact that the humidifier had also lowered this monthly energy bills and helped him to count on his heating equipment less and less. He said that my mom ended up using the heater nonstop and he had to locate a way to keep her toasty without going so broke. The very idea of a humidifier got my attention. Who wouldn’t wish to save money on your home heating bills and fix your bothersome winter skin? My dad gave me the cell number of the HVAC contractor he had install his humidifier. I gave the HVAC provider a call and after he reviewed our HVAC system, he said our HVAC system was an ideal candidate for a humidifier. He quickly installed one the next day. After we had this humidifier installed, my winter skin was gone just in a week! And the best part is that my spouse doesn’t bother me about lotion anymore.heating system