How did the air handler get so ruined

Both of my boys are fifteen-years-old and they area incredible athletes. They both play baseball during the spring and football in the fall. They have their dad’s strong will and muscular build paired with my long legs. It’s currently summertime, and they have been spending most of their time off from school outside. We have a large inground pool and a sizable backyard. The majority of the time, the boys have friends come over to hangout, and they spend the bulk of their time by the pool. Last weekend, the kids were hanging out in the backyard playing catch, and someone leaped for long pass. They landed arm-first into the air handler. (The air handler is positioned on the back patio near the grill.) We never had any problems with the kids until that day. The air handler was intact and barely lodged from the its place. Nonetheless, the biggest issue was that the air handler had caused our son’s friend to break his arm. It began swelling up immediately, and in thirty minutes it was twice its typical size. My husband and I notified his parent’s and took him to the local emergency room. X-rays showed that he had a small fracture in his arm, so the doctors set it in a cast. The entire medical bill was nearly two thousand dollars, so maybe it would have been better if the air handler had ended up being broken instead. Fortunately, we are very close with the boys’ parents so they understood that the kids were horsing around right before they got hurt. My husband and I covered all the costs for the broken arm, and now we require that the boys play further away from the patio now!

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