How did I even build this

Do you know anyone who has a bomb shelter? I do, and it’s me. Sort of weird, I realize. But it’s not like I built a bomb shelter inside my backyard. I have an old house, and during the 1950s, the homeowner decided he had a sensible plan to make an underground shelter in his yard, in the event of a war. Personally, I think it’s so cool, and was a aspect in how I chose this house for my loved ones. The shelter was really well specially designed. It is built with cement, cinder block, and additionally steel walls, and it even looks as though it is still new. The problem is that it doesn’t use a good air conditioner It has a wonderful system of air filters, though. The contractor assumed that environment would be toxic, so he put in an advanced air filtration system to make sure that he could breath the air for years. Since they assumed they would be in the midst of a nuclear winter, there was an awesome electric heater connected to a small generator. There was a back up gas furnace, as well as some kind of small portable heater that I could truthfully not identify. With all of the canned food and books, this site was pretty rad, and I chose to install a small air conditioning unit and make it into my study. It was a perfect space for my man cave, with privacy, if only my family was able to find some cooling system to go within. I didn’t want anything too costly, so I am going to just obtain a small portable window AC, so it can be moved around just as much as I want to.