How an air filter works

In the midst of the summer, I was stuck running errands for an entire day. It seemed to be the hottest hours of the summer because the air conditioning in my own car just wasn’t enough.The temperatures had to have been triple digits now and most people were inside your own home. If there was anybody outdoors, they were most likely to be found at a waterpark, a pool, a beach or any other place that had lots of water to keep you cool. Unfortunately for me, these errands needed to get done that day so the only option I had was to rush to get them done so that I can get home and cool off. I had a new HVAC unit installed prior to the season starting because I knew of the fact that temperatures will be excruciating for the summer. I was down to the last hours of enduring the torture for the sun’s rays. On my way home, I knew exactly what I would do as soon as I made it home. I was going to head straight to the freezer and grab a popsicle. I already had the system set to where my whole house remained at sixty-nine degrees. When I pulled into the driveway, I quickly jumped out of  the car. I was completely drenched in sweat as I ran in the house. Once I made it in the house, a blast of cold air rushed my body and it also felt amazing. My A/C system provides a filter that purifies the oxygen so there wasn’t any dirt to irritate my sinuses. It only took several minutes for my body temperature to settle down. I stayed inside of my house for the remainder of the weekend.

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