House with no A/C

When my parents finally retired, they wanted to move into the country to get some peace and quiet. They wanted a small house, but one that was big enough to have the grandkids over. They finally found a charming little place where the weather is warm year-round, and so they packed up and moved down south. When they toured the house initially, something about the house was odd to them, but they couldn’t figure out what it was. When they moved in, they finally realized that the house didn’t have an air conditioner! They called the real estate office to ask why they hadn’t mentioned the lack of A/C in the home, only to discover that the air conditioning had been addressed in the fine print of the final contract. The house had been built just before air conditioning was mandatory in all residential buildings, but was designed to stay cool without air conditioning. It had huge, screened windows that were designed to create a cross breeze through the house. My parents said that it kept the house cool enough, but they just wanted to have the option of having an air conditioner for the hottest days of summer. They called an HVAC installation company, but found out that it would cost thousands of dollars and would require major reconstruction of most of the house to install and air conditioner. They finally decided to forego an air conditioner in their new home, and now they’re glad they did. Not only did they avoid expensive HVAC installation costs, but not having an air conditioner saves them a fortune on their monthly utility bills!