House ac unit is broken

My husband was always against getting an HVAC system for our house. When we moved in these people only had a furnace without any AC. My husband told me that him and I could get a AC unit for the windows thankfully because i may have died of a heat if we didn’t have any form of AC in our house. My husband is like a huge block of ice always, and he is always unusually cold. It could be in the coldest day of winter, and his feet are freezing along with his hands. I think he provides a circulation problem but never decided on the doctor to get it looked at. Anyways, luckily when we got our window Air conditioning units, he told me to just not put it on super cold. I had the AC at at 72 degrees that’s perfect for me and the dog. One day, our dog accidently bumped into our window Ac unit because he likes to sleep right close to it. He is also hot like me, but when he bumped into it he knocked it out of the window. My husband never installed it in the correct way! Not only did we have to buy a new one, but we’ve been so lucky that it didn’t hurt anyone when it fell out. My husband told me that he will get AC installed in the complete house because now that our window unit fell out, he doesn’t prefer to take anymore chances with another receding. I finally get temperature control in my whole house and i’ve never been so excited.

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