Hotels and camping with ac

I look forward to taking road trips. I never get enough of seeing our wonderful country by car and I think I spend more time on the road than in an airplane. I also love camping in the outdoors. Often, I will set up camp along the way while on a road trip. The only problem is finding someone who will come with me! Everyone complains about the lack  of heating and air conditioning. I don’t know what happened to enjoying our surroundings without modern luxuries.   I can find a few ways around this to make most people content.  When my friends and I go on a road trip across country,  I can usually rent cabins so that everyone can get their Heating and Air Conditioning unit.  I then generally camp outside in a tent, only feet away. I am happy with the outside air in and let my friends have their heating and  a/c. Every now and then, I will decide to stay in a nice hotel. I am willing to splurge on a luxury stay while on the road.  I enjoy a nice cool room with the air conditioner running.  When  I take road trips through the desert,  I don’t know if  even I could manage without some type of cooling component to combat the  dry heat that the desert gives off. But, for the most part, I am willing to go without heating or air conditioning.  It makes the road trip feel like more of a challenge and an adventure.  

ductless cooling