Hotel with only a powerful heater

I was in a hotel recently that only had one powerful heating system set up in it. There was no AC, just a small heater set up on the side of the wall. The heating system worked through a dial attached on the side of it. You turned the dial up and down to the temperature you wanted. That was the pathetic temperature control offered. I had the heater system turned down to the lowest heating setting and it was still too hot. The hotel room felt like it was being heated by an additional heating system. I checked for air vents or secret ductwork and found none. I also checked the flooring to see if maybe it was heated floors, no. I also checked to see if the hallway had a central heater system that leaked hot air into my room, again that was not the case. My room was just naturally super hot. Perhaps it was just really well insulated. I wanted to open the window wide to let in cold air to combat the heat, however the window would only open a crack. There were no fans or portable AC units offered. I swear the hotel loved the fact that it was so hot and toasty. I was totally miserable my whole stay and ended up sweating through all the sheets and blankets. I did not even need a good cooling system. I just needed less heating or an open window to give me a good breeze. Is that really too much of a thing to ask for?

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