Hot and the cooling repair

I knew our HVAC component was broken when I woke up that morning in a puddle of sweat. The air conditioning system had obviously stopped running, it was much too hot for 68 degrees, as the system read. I waited a few moments and didn’t hear a sound. After an hour of no noise inspite of our fiddling with the thermostat several times, and after a moment of complaining to each other, we decided not to wait any longer to call the HVAC repair professionals. We live in a very heated area of the country, after all. It would only be a matter of time before we passed out. The mechanic took a long time to get to us, and he finally did after about two hours of waiting. He told my roommate and I that there was some rare sort of power surge that happened in the area. It apparently knocked out a bunch of units, including a sizable sum in our home complex. I thanked him for coming as he started on his job. It was something that seemed completely routine, or he was just well practiced with the task after doing it for countless sites before ours. He said nothing could have prevented the incident. He finished the job rather hastily. Once he was gone, we noticed the thermostat said the interior temperature of our home was about 87 degrees. We couldn’t help but laugh as I tapped the down arrow on the console. We were quite thankful for air conditioners and for the professionals who fix them.

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