Hot and cold spots from HVAC equipment

    Sometimes, homeowners can become easily frustrated whenever they sense that their heating and cooling system is failing to work properly. As an employee of a large downtown heating and cooling firm, I have heard every sort of complaint from a variety of frustrated homeowners. One common complaint that I receive on at the very least a weekly basis is related to uneven heating and cooling. Many clients don’t know why their heating or air conditioning systems are failing to keep their house warm or cool evenly throughout. For this particular dilemma, I have a number of answers. In the more standard, forced air heating and cooling systems, occasionally the ductwork isn’t altogether insulated. Sometimes the ductwork hasn’t been adequately adjusted enough. Additionally, many homeowners are not aware that although ducts have adjustable dampers, these dampers should have different settings over the course of the wintertime than they do in the summer. Often, the top two factors for uneven heating and cooling come down to air loss and inefficient, or improper, insulation levels within a home. If you are experiencing this sort of heating and cooling conundrum and don’t think it is possible to identify the source of the issue on your own, it is always a good idea to contact your local heating and cooling HVAC company. It is highly likely that they can provide some sort of energy audit within your home to identify and way to solve the issue. You can then decide whether or not to move forward with the HVAC company to have the problem solved!

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