Hoping to sleep in good ac

I am really frustrated without a good night’s sleep. I try to sleep but sometimes I wake up part way through the night. Just when I’m sure I am getting a superior night’s sleep something happens to stop me from sleeping. This time it was my HVAC system. I heard these loud noises and I had no idea where it was coming from. I tried to be able to ignore it. I felt like every time I tried to ignore them they got louder. I had to get out of bed to find out what it was. My partner and I no idea how to fix something like this. I turned the system off and returned to bed. I figured I would just call the HVAC company in the morning. It really wasn’t that imperative. Then, without the air conditioning, my house filled with warm air and I couldn’t fall asleep. I did my best to make it to the morning but it surely didn’t happen well. I dialed the HVAC company right at 6am. I needed someone to repair that loud noise in my HVAC unit outside. I needed the air conditioning at home but I needed the noise to stop even more. Thankfully someone was available to inspect the HVAC unit that day. I called off of work that day to get some rest.