Hoping to get a good HVAC tech

Thursday night has become video game night for me. For as long as I’m able to remember, I would take an escape from the world around myself into the game. I would submerge myself with my favorite daily pastime, and get some essential recreation time in. Everyone needed to enjoy an easy way to “re-energize” their internal batteries. Last week did not necessarily go as planned, though. Halfway through my gaming experience I felt that my furnace stopped working. I was so submerged at my game, that I didn’t notice until I saw my breath! I got up and checked in with the screen on my thermostat. My thermostat was telling me that furnace was working, but the frigid air told some other story. I went around to every air vent to check on if there was any warm air to come from the ductwork. The facts I stumbled upon in my HVAC system journey didn’t lie that night. My furnace was really is broken. I sighed as I realized my nights gaming was now over as a result of broken furnace. I tried to think of this as a sort of HVAC system adventure, but that didn’t really help my frame of mind. I called up my local HVAC business in hopes that I could get some sort of after hour HVAC technician available to come to my home. I unfortunately had no luck. I will have to wait it out in this cold arctic in my home prior to the morning. I guess my blanket would be my heating system tonight! I wrapped myself inside of a warm blanket and finished my gaming night as a distraction. No point in stressing the broken furnace right now!

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