Home owner help

After multiple years of planning, I was able to start a business! Over the past week or so, I have been tied up with getting everything ready for the coffee shop to open. I located a small rental space, and even though it is an older pace, the rent was the perfect price. I have been repainting chairs and tables, replacing the countertops, and putting in the coffee makers to get everything ready. It’s been a lot of work, however, being able to open the doors to the coffee shop will definitely be worth it in the end! I wanted to hold a grand opening this weekend, however, now I suppose that I will have to wait until I can make more renovations and repairs. Yesterday, I was right in the middle of putting the cash registers in, and suddenly the power completely shut off. I attempted to adjust the resistor, but I couldn’t get it to work. In all honesty, I don’t know how to identify a precision resistor, a common resistor, or a high power resistor! I played around with the resistor for about fifteen minutes and decided it was time to call an electrician. He will be here tomorrow, and I am really hoping that the electrician will say that fixing the resistor won’t be too expensive. A broken power resistor typically means that the remaining circuitry is busted, which definitely makes me nervous! Hopefully, I will get lucky and be able to replace the resistor and open my coffee shop as soon as possible!  high power resistor