Heating vents at grandparents house

My beloved Grandmother lived way up in the northeast, born & raised there but lived every place in between by the time she got to being my Grandmother. She was tough as nails, and if you don’t believe that, you just need to take one look at her heating bill in the middle of Winter season. She would get a little cold although she would never touch her temperature control settings that always stayed solidly at 66 degrees. She loved the cold weather, I inherited some of that from her but I indulge in a much higher setting on my climate control if I was to be honest! I loved to spend a few winter season weekends up visiting with her, to go snowshoeing along the lakes with those incredible mountain views, and the skiing was wonderful even if a little slippery. I would sleep in her spare room upstairs, because usually heat rises, but there was so little of it to spare in her house. She would warn me to open up the heating vent that led from the downstairs kitchen to the spare room upstairs to allow the heated air to go through. Her boiler was in solid shape, as was the old hot water heater. When I would come back to her home from a long afternoon in the mountains with snow & ice crusted to my hair & eyebrows I would always take a long hot shower. It was a privilege she said was only saved for me, my older brother never got to indulge in long heated showers, then again he didn’t visit grandma as frequently as I did. I never felt freezing though, I suppose I was too glad to be with her to notice how freezing I normally would be. If I went to my home & my temperature control was on anything less than 75 I would be so cold and would sit as close to the fireplace as I could get until the rest of the lake house got warm enough for my liking.

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