Heating system for our pool

I am constantly down at the Town pool swimming laps. Whether it’s the warm seasonal time, or the winter time, I am still swimming. We are lucky because we have an indoor swimming facility that is air conditioned during the summer time plus he did during the wintertime. The swimming pool facility is equipped with a highly powerful Heating in addition to A/C program because the location is substantial. They have the temperature control set to a normal but comfortable level, so I’m often wondering about the cold water conditions of the pool. It would be nice if the pool was equally as warm as the environment in which it sits. The facility is equipped with a smaller as well as much shallower pool and it is a bit warmer. It is only for the elderly folks plus the small children. Since the pool facility in our town is run by the local government, I’m sure that they are wasting lots of money having to run the A/C system all night long. The local government is notorious for wasting money and that includes everything including the town pool. I wonder if the pool attendants know very much about the air conditioning service for the facility. I wonder if they would answer a few questions, if I bother to ask. Since I am a heating and cooling professional, I am intrigued by the many wonders of HVAC systems, especially inside of public buildings. It is my tax dollars that help to pay for this public building and it would be nice to know if they are up to good use.

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