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My spouse plus I always take our holidays during the warmer months, because the weather is always so desirable. However, during the past year, we opted to take a vacation during the winter. We’ve never been away from the home during the holiday season, so we wanted to change that. My spouse requested off the entire month of December, so we chose to visit the mountains. We live in the deep south, so we very rarely visit the mountains. Where we live, the winter temperatures are roughly around 70 degrees. Last winter, we were wearing shorts, plus swimming in the pool, working on our tan. It’s not the best weather for skiing, however both of us prefer it! Because we never get to experience the cooler weather, we took a spontaneous holiday to the mountains. We rented a big lodge that was located on the top of a mountain. The views from our private balcony were superb, because you could see everything for several miles. I thought it seemed like the best winter season getaway, until the furnace in our room stopped working. We woke up extremely early in the morning, so we were surprised by the indoor temperatures. We could see our breath lingering within the cool air. Obviously, the heat wasn’t working. We saw the accumulation of snow on the ground after looking out the window. We had gotten several inches of snow throughout the evening. We called the realtor immediately to discuss the heating problems. Thankfully, the room we were staying in had a fireplace. All of the roads were snowed in, so there was no way we could leave. The lodge couldn’t get anyone to come service the HVAC system for a few days.

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