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We love having hardwood floors inside our home. We feel like it makes our environment cozier, easy to dust plus sweep, and we never have problems with it. If there is anything that is exhausting to manage, it’s our heating system. Every year, it feels like it gets harder and harder to hold heat within our home. When we had carpet, it seemed easier. I’ve tried putting space heaters inside different rooms to see if it would be more cost effective. I’ve also tried to use the central heating system to warm our whole home. But it just feels like I’m wasting more energy this way. It’s very inefficient. We’ve been doing some research on hardwood floors plus discovered radiant floor heating. It sounded too fantastic to be true, so we were sure it would cost us a fortune! We called numerous companies to compare their heat pricing, plus asked which type of radiant floors they recommended. I was pleasantly surprised when they came out to take measurements of our home. They said it would be very simple to install, and I’d be able to see the cost-efficient differences right away. I thought long and hard about my decision, and decided to just go for it! It took only a few short weeks to install the radiant heated floors. It was such a simple and efficient process for our home. It’s been two weeks, and our family is in heaven with the evenly distributed heat. We adore the heat that it gives our home. Our first bill came this week, and I was pleasantly surprised. I was happy to pay the overall costs to install radiant flooring, because my monthly utility bills are much lower now.

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