Heating needed on vacation

I was so excited for this trip today. I was finally going to take a break from the cold weather and persistent blasting of the heat from my school’s A/C. I was making my way to the southeast and I was only packing shorts, swimsuits, tank tops, sandals, and cute dresses; attire I had not been able to wear for some time and I might finally get to trade warmth for my cold, gloomy air. I was meeting my family the minute I landed and I knew we were all looking forward to six days straight of the beach and relaxing. I thought I would embrace the weather outside and not bring a jacket on my this trip. I was pretty sure I didn’t need it. As soon as I landed at my destination, I saw my family waiting and they seemed to get the same idea as me; every one of them was dressed in shorts and tank tops. We walked outside to feel the warmth and were shocked by how cold it felt. We all hurried back into the climate controlled building and checked our phones for the the latest weather report. It was supposed to be under 60 degrees for the next week, and raining over the next two. The mood changed among us as we hurried to the hotel that was freezing inside, too. We switched on the heat quickly to warm up from the depressing day outdoors. We did our best to decide on what our plan would become, but all of them seemed to want to stay in the hotel in the heat. Swimming was not a good method, nor was the beach, possibly walking around would do but we didn’t have the clothes for it. Minutes later we were all sound asleep within the heat and that pretty a lot summed up our trip.

Heating tune up