Heating and cooling at the club

Last month, my friend and I went around to see a new band at a local club. I had purchased the tickets three weeks in advance, and we were really excited. On the night of the concert, we spent 2 hours getting ready and showed up 30 minutes early. We were able to find pretty good seats, quite near the stage, and ordered a couple drinks while waiting around for the show to begin. The air quality was a bit smokey needless to say, but it felt quite cool. I was glad the club had some sort of air conditioning system, because a room full of moving people can become really hot in the event the HVAC system isn’t working effectively. The show started, and my best mate and I really enjoyed ourselves for the first 30 minutes, or so. I began to discover that I was feeling a bit warmer than I was when we arrived. I just thought that it was because of all bodies moving around, and had no inclination that it had anything to do with the club’s HVAC system. Twenty minutes after that I found myself sweating considerably. I looked around and noticed everybody else was also sweating a tremendous amount. Over the next two hours, we just got hotter and hotter, until it was even more unbearable. There was no way the room was that warm just because quite a few people were moving around. I eventually realized which it must’ve been the HVAC system and for some reason the club’s HVAC unit was unable to keep up with all the body heat emitted within the environment. On the way out, I suggested to an employee, that they try to keep their HVAC system serviced, because that was no way to run a company.

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