Heating and air

My full-time job is at a non-profit office. I love what we do, as I feel like my group is doing good work for the earth. We act as lobbyists for justice. We stick up for people with no one lobbying for them within the state legislature. Unfortunately, though, my position of being a communications assistant does not pay nearly enough for me personally to live a reasonably pleasant life. I need a roommate, which I hate, and I also have to work as a freelance copywriter who writes about HVAC systems for a living. I write twenty articles in one week all about air conditioning and furnaces. I write about HVAC service calls and bad or good indoor quality of air. I am always thinking in the realm of air conditioning. Every time someone complains about cold, or heat, it makes me consider how I have HVAC articles for that month. Right now, I’m trying to save most of the money I get from writing about HVAC articles. I am hoping to save up enough money so I can put together a small down payment on a cheap house. I’m hoping that I can get a mortgage or have a rent-to-own situation. I’m a sucker for air conditioning because it is helping me try this. It can get difficult at times to write interesting, excellent, and marketable HVAC articles, but I try the best I can. I am always paying attention to the HVAC systems in restaurants, at movie theaters, in the office and house, and just about everywhere else.

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