Heating and air is a write off

I’ve grown sick of working for other people, and combating the corrupt politics of working by a large institution. It’s incredibly disheartening, and I don’t care to go for the cliquey work environment. As such, I’ve recently been looking at the specifics of working for myself. It turns out that it’s not nearly as difficult as i expected, and I think I will actually make enough money to help myself. I’ve also begun discovering the tax crediting system, and I’ve learned a great deal of new things. For instance, even an HVAC system counts as a tax write-off, so long as it’s used in my home office. This was great news, as our current heating and cooling system is extremely outdated and due for a significant upgrade, but the quotes we’ve been offered by local HVAC companies have been formidable. I was especially thrilled to learn that I could even buy zone controlled heating, in order to exclusively use electricity the HVAC unit for my home office, while leaving the rest of the uninhabited house untouched. This modification will save everyone a ton of money ultimately, and is expensive enough to fit the zone controlled system that I am placed in a lower levy bracket! I never dreamed that I’d have the capacity to afford such a fancy HVAC product. I’m going to have a totally comfortable and perfect temperature controlled home, without spending a fortune. I couldn’t be more excited to ditch the corporate life and work for myself.

HVAC unit