Heating and air in school

My son was getting prepared to start his junior year of high school. He was rather excited, to say the least. Two more years and it would be time for college! School was scheduled to get started within the last week of June, and we were just approximately done getting everything ready with regard to him. He needed a ton of additional supplies this year for his classes. At the last minute, the school informed us that opening day would be delayed for a little while. They were having a major issue with the HVAC system which would have to be fixed before the start of all the classes. I had never been aware of a school getting delayed for a heating and cooling system related issue, but I reckon that times have changed. When I was in high school, the only style of air conditioner we had was an actual window. It may not have worked the way more modern heating and cooling systems do, but it was all we had. My son was disappointed in this delay, as he was so excited to start the classes. He was very focused upon his studies, and was upset that something as silly as an HVAC system was causing such a big issue. I’m sure he was within the minority though. A lot of high school students will look for any reason to miss school, so this heating and cooling system dilemma was probably considered a blessing to everyone else. In the end, however, the HVAC system issue was cleared up fairly quickly, and school was only delayed for two main days. Back to school for everyone!

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