Heater system and ductwork damage

I live in an part of the country that is heavily infested by hurricanes. Unfortunately, we just got hit by the massive one last week. Luckily, nobody was hurt during the huge storm. We were able to evacuate with plenty of time before the storm made it to your city. Our house wasn’t so lucky, however. When we came back, we found an extremely destroyed house. Our HVAC system was completely dead. The furnace had been no good, and the ductwork suffered severe water damage. The air conditioner needed to be completely replaced as well. We took the news extremely terrible, but thankfully we had home insurance that could cover all the costs. It was a good thing we had all the adequate documentation we needed! All of the HVAC system work that we needed didn’t cost us a cent! The insurance company even took care of all the HVAC technician arrangements for us. They had their own personal HVAC business that they sorted out in our area, so all we had to do was let them in your when they showed up to survey the damage. It’s such an easy process! Consequently, instead of worrying about our HVAC system, we were free to manage cleaning up the mess that each one the water damage caused in all the rooms! This wasn’t luxurious in the slightest bit, but at least the stress for our broken heating and cooling system was removed from our plate. The HVAC technician they sent out to us that day ended up being amazing too! After he finished installing each of the new pieces of equipment he shared some awesome energy saving tips with us! Good ending to a terrible start for sure!

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