Heater repairs

When I was young, my family and I split my time between two climates. During the school year, August through April, I lived over near the beach in the pacific northwest of the US. But during the summer months, and over Holiday season break, I went with my family to the Midwest. No matter how many times we moved around, it was always a shock to my poor body. The weather was just too different, and I could never become accustomed to the extreme differences in temperature and weather patterns. At the pacific northwest home, there was no heating or cooling system. We really only had a wood burning fireplace. No air conditioner and no central heating. The temperature was so mild, we never wanted air conditioning. On the other hand, on vacation in the summer, that air conditioner was was an absolute necessity. This summers were usually spent inside near our air conditioning equipment. The tiny home my family resided in was so old, I think it was actually built before heating and cooling technology was invented! The 2 little box air conditioners we had were the only things saving us from the hot, sweltering sun. And over Christmas season, we could not live without the furnace. My parents had to learn to repair the furnace themselves because there was so much snow on the ground, an HVAC company could never come visit us for repairs. As you can see, it was quite a change going from “what’s air conditioning? ” to help you “I can’t live without air conditioning. ”

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