Heated floors by hot tub

My house is a big entertaining house. Since we don’t have any kids, you can easily put all of our income towards our home. We have a gorgeous yard with several acres of land that is exhilarating for having summer parties in the backyard. In the winter months, we have an enclosed patio prepared by a fireplace and grill, it’s great. We also recently added a hot tub to our outdoor patio so that we could relax in the wintertime and not have to worry about much. Nevertheless, after installing the hot hot tub we didn’t think about how cold it may be to get out onto the cold patio tiles in the freezing temperatures. On the cold nights, we like to escape our heated, stuffy house and find some fresh air while we soak with the hot tub and unwind from a long day. Sometimes the house becomes too congested within the winter time with our heating constantly running. But, now that we have used the hot tub such cold outdoor temperatures, we have decided it could be best to install heated flooring right near the hot tub floor. I think it may be a great investment for us ever since the outdoor and indoor patios are connected so that the heated flooring could be installed for the complete patio area. This way, when our guests come over when it’s cold out, they can enjoy the patio without wanting to wear shoes. It will allow us to feel so much more comfortable when we get out of the hot tub.

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