Heat pump tune-up

You’d swear that a tornado might form in my hometown. We get pretty severe winds inside the springtime. It causes a ton of problems on our homes. You can’t have any bird feeders or patio furniture out during this season. The wind will pick it up and toss it in the road. My whole property has a five foot fence surrounding it. This is only to catch items from flying onto the road. Sometimes even the fence is simply not high enough or even strong enough. Today my trampoline was grabbed by the wind. It flew with the air and rolled like some sort of ball. The poles and surroundings on it are all bent as a consequence of rolling. Also the trampoline banged on the side of my house in addition to gardens. I have gardens which might be wrecked and my house is pretty banged up. The worst thing though is that this trampoline first crashed into our outdoor HVAC unit. I began using a heat pump system in my  home. This is a heating and cooling device within a system. It is an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit is safely tucked away in my home. The outdoor unit is installed on the lawn right next to my house. How the heat pump works is that it moves heat energy to either the indoor or outdoor unit. It depends on if you need heating or air conditioning. The trampoline honestly trampled my outdoor unit. I’m sure so worried about my HVAC machine. Does this mean it is damaged beyond repair? Should I  just buy an outdoor unit?

heat pump installation