Heat pump steams

I had a red-faced moment last week.  I’m sure that sooner than later, it will be one those stories that both anger me, and make me laugh, when it gets retold.  It was slightly humiliating and a lot stupidity on my part.  My wife and I had invested in a new heat pump for our home.  I never wanted to research and read about the item, I just wanted to buy and go.  My wife went all in, and read many articles about the heat pump, even before we bought it.  She knew the ins and outs about the heat pump, in both its heating and cooling processes, and she knew exactly which dealer we should hire to buy from and for installation.  I went the heat pump installed, and to get the whole thing done.  I hadn’t really wanted to put so much money in the heating and cooling for such an old home, but our current system had died.  I allowed my wife to take over the project, and make all of the pertinent decisions, including the cost.  My wife went shopping the other day, and I stayed home with the kids.  I looked outside and I saw smoke coming from the vicinity of the heat pump.   I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and immediately called the dealer and started yelling about my unit malfunctioning so quickly.  It wasn’t an hour before someone arrived, and my wife got home at the same time.  When I told the HVAC technician what was going on, they both just stared at me.  I had mistakenly saw it as smoke, but it was actually water vapor coming from the normal recycling of the system.  I guess I really should be more aware of the workings of our home.

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