Heat pump is oozing out air

I pulled a faux paus that never should have happened.  It wasn’t humiliating, but it was an embarrassment that I’m sure will become a funny story for our family to retell.  I guess the embarrassing part was my own dumb fault, because we had installed a new heat pump in our home.  I wasn’t interested in the research and internet perusing.  I left all of that up to my husband who was crazy about detail.  He had poured over, downloaded, and printed tons of material pertaining to heat pumps.  He was always talking about them and how they worked.  I just wanted it installed, and to forget about it.  I wasn’t the one who insisted we needed a new HVAC system for our home.  I would have waited until it failed altogether, but I told my husband it was his baby.  Last week I was sitting in the kitchen and noticed some smoke coming from the new outdoor unit.  I was home alone with the kids, and I called my husband.  I also called the HVAC provider who had installed the unit and I was loudly lamenting about the unit.  My husband and the HVAC repair man arrived at the same time.  I told them about the smoke, and my fear, and I realized they were were smirking at me.  My husband hugged me as the HVAC service tech explained that it was only water vapor.  It happened when the unit was defrosting itself.  I guess I need to pay more attention to what is going on with our house, and how it works.

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