Heat flare ups

I have a condition and heat is literally to blame. Heat used to only be a problem for me during the winter months but for whatever reason it continued on into the summer months starting just last summer. I basically have to avoid getting too hot during the summer. If I fail to do that I will break out into these heat hives. Basically, my skin starts to flare up and you can visibly see large lumps that appear to be boils. It even happens when I’m at the gym. Every time I would go, I feel itchy and go crazy, wanting to just leave back home. When this happens, I have to use a cold cloth on my skin to cool off and in about an hour, the hives will go away. This is why I have to make sure that my HVAC unit isn’t on high heat or any facility with an HVAC system for that matter. Once I’m overheated, I will start to feel itchy pain and suffering from this condition. In the winter time is the worst because I love that my heating and cooling system keeps me warm, but not at the expense of me feeling the agony of painful itching all over. When this became too much of a problem for me to handle, I eventually had to go to the doctor and get some medicine which helped a whole lot. This was very necessary as I would have never been able to get rid of my HVAC system. I’m only concerned when going to places I might be overheated now.

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