Having a great experience

I’m buying a foreclosed home near downtown. It’s only been on the market about a month, but it’s two stories and has over 3, 500 square feet, with a beautiful brick exterior. The only problem with it is that it needs a major upgrade to its HVAC system. It has heating radiators throughout, and they work, but no air conditioning. It gets over 90 degrees here in the summer, so air conditioning is excellent for me.

My dad’s an engineer with a little bit of experience in HVAC, so he’s strongly advising me to replace the whole system with a conventional HVAC duct system, but I’m alarmed by the upfront costs, and the amount of space the ducts take up. I’m trying to avoid making huge alterations to the interior entrance. I’ve been looking for ductless air conditioning systems, because even though they are much more expensive, I’d like to simplify the installation process. I would really prefer to use radiators for heating, and don’t find it difficult learning how to upkeep that heating system. Dad says a ductless air conditioner might not have enough power to sufficiently cool the house, but I think a newer model should be fine. It’s amazing what new technology exists today. We are meeting with a couple HVAC professionals this week before we decide.

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