Have to use the heater

I spent my youth in the northern region of the country, and I was very accustomed to the cold weather and snowfall. I always couldn’t stand it. I don’t like being trapped at my residence, having to depend on the furnace with regard to comfort. Running the furnace for months at the same time creates a very stuffy and dry indoor environment. Trying to get fresh air was a challenge. I couldn’t even go outside without bundling up within layers of sweaters, wool coat, knitted hat, gloves and high quality boots. I despised shoveling the snow out of the driveway and scraping ice up from the car’s windshield non-stop. Once I managed to graduate from college, I decided I would move to the South. I didn’t bring my wool coat or my sweaters. I traded them in for shorts, sandals and sunblock. I was happy to throw away my ice scraper along with my snow shovel, and found a job and an apartment as close to the beach as I could manage. I was totally shocked by the intensity of the heat down south. I had no idea I would have to be as reliant on air conditioning as I was on heating formerly. With temperatures climbing into triple digits all of the time, I had no choice but to run the air conditioner continuously. I was once again trapped inside the house and desperate for a fresh environment. Unfortunately, if I stepped outside the house, I was immediately covered within sweat. It wasn’t even possible to dress for this type of weather. I spent a year or two down south, and came to despise the heat about the same as the cold. I had to get out of there so I moved again, finding a location with a more modest temperature. I now have a heat pump installed inside of my house, and require air conditioning throughout the year as well as heat. Because the weather is not so terrible, I am always able to go outside and catch some nice fresh air.

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