Hardwood floor heating

I love having hardwood floors in our home. I feel like it gives off a much cleaner environment, easy to dust and sweep with no essential problems. If there were anything that really is hard to manage it is our heating. It feels like it is harder to hold heat than with carpeting from my past experiences. I have tried space heaters to heat one room at a time which seems more cost effective. But, I also, have tried to use the central heating to warm our entire home. Whenever I do that it feels like I am wasting more energy and it’s not as efficient. I have been doing some research on hardwood floors and discovered radiant floor heating. It sounded too good to be true and I was sure it was going to cost a fortune! I called so many companies to compare heat pricing and which type of floor heating was the best before I even considered. I was pleasantly surprise when they came out to do take measurements in order to give me an estimate to hear that the actual heating was easy to install. Once installed into the entire home, I was told I would be able to see the cost-efficient differences. I weighed all my options and decided to go for it! It took only a couple of weeks to install the radiant heating and interestingly enough it was too cumbersome or inconvenient. Two weeks later our family is in heaven with the even heat distribution that we are finally experiencing. Our first bill came this week and it, too, was a welcome bill to pay for we feel we got our money’s worth!

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