Gym with good AC installation

Among the list of things I want most is a work out facility. I am a fitness nut that works out regularly. One of my best workouts and favorite things to do is attend gymnastics. Currently, I work at a gymnastics studio. It is great that I can come and go anytime I want. The gym is fully equipped, has high ceilings and possesses an amazing cooling system. It is literally everything I could want. My boyfriend Bob wants to move down south though. We will be looking at houses and I am trying to convince him that I need some type of home gym. We are currently looking into metal barns. Bob and I figure we are able to redo the barn into some sort of gym. Bob likes to do karate so we can get him bags. I will order some mats and other equipment. We will encounter an added expense of a particular air conditioning system. Since the work out area to be not only long, but possess high ceilings, the air conditioner can’t be a simple window unit. Bob and I must invest in a hardy AC device. We are thinking perhaps central air conditioning or fitting many ductless mini split air conditioners. We’d like heavy cooling power since it’s our gym and is big. Additionally I am thinking the warmth down south will kill people. We are going to need more A/C than I am used to as well. Hopefully the buying price of the facility, equipment and AC technology is not too much.

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