Good working AC

There are several things I look for when getting a brand new car. Everyone has different preferences when looking to purchase a new automobile. The things I search for are not that specific, but in my opinion, they are pretty important. The main thing I make sure to look for when finding a new car is if it has a working HVAC system. I typically buy used cars, so it’s not uncommon to locate a car that doesn’t have an operational A/C. I might end up visiting 3 or 4 different places before I discover my perfect car. Along with some well maintained engine parts and insides, the air conditioner is the other, most important thing on my list when I find a new car. I have tried to ride in cars without the need of air conditioning. In the place I live in it, gets really hot. You cannot imagine how bad you sweat inside of a car that doesn’t have a working air conditioning system. On a trip across the state with my best mate, I must have sweat enough to overflow three buckets, because her car didn’t seem to have a functioning HVAC system. When we finally stopped, I had to take an hour long and very cold shower. I’ve not felt so disgusting before. I have never, in my whole life, wanted an air conditioner in a vehicle more than that day. From that day on, I try to find new cars that have an adequate air conditioner in it. I recommend that everyone makes certain that their vehicles have a excellent working A/C installed.

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