going to therapy and feeling better

I look forward to my time that is spent at the laundromat.  I have found myself washing clean clothing just so I could go to the laundromat.  When the weather is good, I am able to go for walks in the neighborhood, while waiting for my clothing to wash.  This is such a great time for me, that I don’t even want to go a full week in between laundry days.  When the weather becomes bad enough that I don’t want to be outside, I can occupy one of the great massage chairs that they have in the laundromat.  For a handful of quarters, I can sit in the chair, and have my back and hips massaged, by the individual vibration units of the chair.  For an extra quarter, I can even get some heat.  Fifteen minutes of vibration massage therapy is something everyone should try.  I never need to be concerned over the winter chill or the summer heat, because they have a climate control program that can rival the HVAC system that is in the White House.  I always associated the laundromat with adjectives like sleazy, dark, and dank, but this one has the most desirable of atmosphere, because of the climate control, that I don’t want to leave.  The humidity is limited because of the air filtering system and the smells are taken away by the air purification system.   The HVAC runs so silently that you forget there is a heating and cooling system running.  I guess the inflated prices I pay to wash my laundry isn’t so bad, when I see the HVAC that I get in exchange.

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