Going to flea market to sell a stolen An Air Conditioner

I can not even begin to wrap my head around what this world has come to. Every time I turn around I catch another vision of the moral decline in the neighborhood I live in. The latest complication to get into my area comes from all the criminal interest that is ever adjusting right inside my own neighborhood, but first it was stripping down cars, then the local convenience shop got burglarized a few times. The latest complication to arise is window a/cs getting stolen. It apparently is not all that challenging to do because multiple a/c’s have been taken from homes around my street and the adjacent streets. I believe the majority of a window air conditioning is already outside, so an air conditioning thief does not have to break in to get it. Fortunately, if the guy who gets ripped off was smart enough to keep the serial number off the a/c, you can usually find the AC component at the flea market or pawn store. It still does not help the families who are left dripping with sweat until they can purchase and install a new a/c, while some thief sells their a/c to the highest bidder. My hubby now sleeps in the study room each night, just in case someone decides to pick our house for the next quick a/c to grab. He prefers his air conditioning as well as the cool air it provides. I guess my hubby would go to every garage sale and flea market trying to find our a/c, if ever all of us got anything of ours stolen. It is a weird world. Who would have ever worried that life would come to this? Keeping watch over an a/c.

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