Getting gym AC right

I belong to a family that is crazy about fitness.  We eat only healthy foods and have very strict workout schedules.  My dad is the worst.  He spends hours in the gym and only eats organic foods.  He has been a fitness instructor for the better part of his life so he can’t change his lifestyle now. Most of the family spends five days a week in the gym, but my dad is in the gym every day of the week. Some days he works out two times a day which I think is crazy.  The biggest problem we have is that the gym set up in the house. It is great that we don’t have to travel to go workout but the stench that comes from that area is horrendous. We have a huge double garage attached to the house. It is set up with an elliptical machine, free weights, and a tread climber. My brothers also have a punching bag and some different boxing equipment in the back as well. Our ventilation system doesn’t extend out to the garage.  Even opening the windows and doors does no good. . I tried asking my Mom about the possibility of adding a air purification system to the gym area but she said it is too expensive. I even suggested a smaller portable unit but she still said no. I am embarrassed to invite my friends over because the smell seems to permeate the whole house at times. There has to be some way to fix the problem without it costing so much money.  I will just have to keep trying to find a way.

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