Getting AC for Christmas

The last year all I have been able to talk about around the new home on a weekly basis was about how I was so incredibly done with the heat and also the bitter frosty temps that came throughout the Wintertime in our house. It was my firmly stated goal to get a state of the art HVAC Cooling & Heating system for our new home within this year. I did some intense research online and off by calling around to local HVAC Providers and asking questions about all the various scenarios that could go wrong for our heating and cooling components, from air filters to duct work. I wanted to know what the worst scenarios that could happen would be and how much cash it would be to repair. I wanted to know how long our air filters would be good for before needing to be cleaned, and then when they would be needing to be changed out. I wanted find out the lifespan of the temperature controls for the main HVAC component itself. I was particularly invested in this major decision and I wanted to get my total money’s worth out of every last dime that was going into my heating and cooling  equipment. I didn’t take purchases of this nature very lightly as we are a sizable family with several children, and so this money needed to be spent with wisdom and thoughtfulness. I decided to wait until the start of the New Year where the sales were the best from my research. And wouldn’t you know it, but my wife then gave me an HVAC cooling system for Christmas without even looking at any of my research beforehand?! I was stunned, however I acted gracious, for she meant well.