Getting a heater after son leaves

Our youngest kid had finally flown the coup and went away to school! My wife decided to leave her room the same for her first few years of school. The two of us figured she would be returning for holidays and summertime and we wanted her to know, while in those first hard years, that there was constantly a spot at home. By her senior year she and her friends had gotten their own house to rent and with a career under way the two of us knew it was time to take back her room. Both of us had wanted to make some HVAC renovations to our home, not that our HVAC unit was in need of extreme renovations, but we figured it was time get some of things we didn’t have the time or money for before. Our winters were brutal; along with our gas furnace and wood stove the two of us needed oil furnaces in our dining room and the living room on chilly evenings. With Jasmine’s room unoccupied my wife and I moved into it while the flooring in our dining room was ripped up. We let the HVAC techs install the heating we had constantly wanted however never got around to. Both of us also opted for a gas lit fireplace so this would be one less space heating system. The added benefit was should the two of us lose power in the winter we wouldn’t be spending the evening chilly or bundled up on the futon. It was wonderful to make these long awaited changes.

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