Furniture aroma and HVAC

Many different years ago, my husband easily but myself plus others a current armchair for a party. I had been looking at this Lazy Boy in the store window for many different weeks. I absolutely thought that it was Charming given that it was a very dark brown color with a comfy top. It actually seems that when the two of us went into our local mall, I would constantly go to the store plus sit down in the chair for a while. Eventually, my husband realize that I really wanted to have this Lazy Boy, plus decided to have it delivered for my birthday. I couldn’t wait to relax plus lean back in my wonderful chair. Within the first various minutes, my eyes begin to water plus I had a terrible headache. I could barely breathe after 15 minutes had passed. Steven turned on the A/C system, plus the air purification system. I think the sofa was treated with some kind of special acrylic, as it was affecting my asthma conditions terribly. My husband contacted our doctor plus the furniture store. He explained the problem with the chair to the store owner, plus make sure that my heating plus air conditioning system was working on full blast. My husband arranged for the owner of the store to come and pick up this chair, as we would not be able to keep it in our home. With the heating plus AC system running, and one with the air purification system, I eventually was able to start breathing once again.