Furnace set up in the house

My wife and I made an appointment with our licensed HVAC contractor, to have a new central cooling system installed last Thursday. Our old air conditioner was starting to malfunction.  Sheila and I  were in desperate need of a new air conditioner. Sheila and I decided on the make plus model of air conditioner that would be best, and we called around to find the best replacement contractor.Sheila and I found a reputable contractor online, and had them out to supply an estimate. They were very helpful and  handled the sizing and design.  They gave us options and explained the air conditioners that are available. The morning before our new cooling system was to be installed, the company called to confirm our appointment for 9 o’clock the following morning. I told the guy that Sheila and I would be home to meet the guy when he arrived to install our new air conditioner.  When it was about forty minutes past 9 o’clock, I called the HVAC contractor to complain. They apologized for the delay.  The guy then assured us that the specialist was on route.  After another  fifteen minutes, I called the HVAC contractor again. I explained that Sheila and I had taken the day off from work and the installer had still not arrived.   When the HVAC installer  finally arrived to put in our new boiler, I was still pretty angry.  I later found out that this guy had come in on his day off.  The original technician had gotten into an accident on his way, and couldn’t make it.  The HVAC company gave me a discount on a maintenance plan and a free smart thermostat to make up for the inconvenience.  

gas furnace