Furnace has me losing sleep

I live in a old home. It was built way back in the early twentieth century. You can tell just by looking at it. The paint is cracking and peeling on the exterior; most of the windows are the ancient ones with ropes along with pulleys; and the structure itself is old Victorian. It is my castle though. The only system of the house that gives me a great deal of trouble is the HVAC system. Sometimes the heating system won’t first start up when I really need it to. The furnace is almost as old as the house, so that is simple. The ductwork is probably clogged with ancient debris as well. Sometimes the air conditioning will not work. This can cause tremendous issues in the summer months because I have a home in an area where it gets extremely hot within the summer. The other night, nevertheless, I had a new HVAC system issue to take care of. I was fast asleep when I awoke to a cold blast of air blowing right out of the ductwork. I know I didn’t turn the air conditioning thermostat on, because it was the dead of winter. I got up to check the thermostat. It was set on warm, just as I thought. It was three in the morning by this time, so I had to wait a few hours so that I can call an HVAC technician in the future run a diagnostic assessment with my heating and cooling system. So, for the mean time I had no choice but to wrap myself up in two blankets. They did the trick, but I couldn’t wait to obtain my heating system back in working order!

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