Fixing my air conditioner

I started seeing this girl about a couple weeks ago. Things started out casual, with a few dates here and there. The other night, I went over to her place for the first time. She lives on the outskirts of town in a small apartment. It’s a decent looking place, but nothing special. She isn’t a clean and tidy person, which kind of irritates me. Her house had an odd odor when I came over. When I got there, she ordered us Chinese food plus found a movie for us to watch together. I was pumped for some Chinese food, but instantly noticed how chilly it felt inside her apartment. I was frustrated with myself, because I wasn’t wearing a jacket or sweater. I wasn’t comfortable with her enough to ask about her A/C temperature either. I thought that eating some food would help me stay warm, so I began digging into our Chinese supper. The food was fantastic, but I continued to freeze to death from her cooling system. I told this girl that I needed to use the bathroom, plus searched her place for the control unit. I thought I’d alternate the temperature to something warmer for myself. I found her control unit in the hallway off the bathroom, plus noticed the thermostat was set to 64 degrees. How could she be comfortable living in a place that was 64 degrees! I didn’t think I could continue dating her if she was comfortable living in such a chilly temperature. I didn’t change the temperature on the control unit after all, so I ended up making a quick excuse to leave her apartment.

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