First Home Heating and Cooling Problems

I swore I would never buy a house. I just didn’t want anything to own me. I loved my free style life and being able to travel at the drop of a hat and not have to worry about things like a house sitter. But my boyfriend recently turned into my fiance and he was adamant about buying a house. Only I know him well and I was going to be doing all the research. Sure enough he lept into a house without consulting me, since it was his money and now I have to clean up his mess. He didn’t even have an inspection, so of course, there were big problems from the start. The HVAC unit was clearly an ancient model and who knows when the last time they serviced the entire heating and cooling unit was done. I could tell from the air vents covered in thick gross dust that they either didn’t ever turn it on or just let the musty air cover the house! I was not happy about it all! So, here we were needing to call in the local HVAC technician to get us out of this mess. It turns out the only answer was to do a total upgrade, strip all the ductwork, replace all the vents and start over. I figured if we were going that far we should do more research on the best unit since this was our future. All in all, it would cost a bit upfront, but then we would make up for in the cost efficiency and energy effectiveness that would ensue. So, hello Radiant Flooring and Zone Control for a blissful four seasons to come!

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